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Super Sustainable British Spelt

Super Sustainable British Spelt

Monday, October 21, 2019


A few years ago, we made the decision to switch our focus on the farm from traditional milling wheat to spelt wheat. To diversify from what had been the main income on the farm for over 70 years wasn’t a decision that was made lightly!

Fast forward to today and we have fast become the UKs largest spelt producer. Recognised in the industry for producing and supplying exceptional quality spelt in grain, flour, pearled, flaked and kibbled formats.  Also, increasing our product range to incorporate additional ancient grains such as einkorn and emmer also helped establish our company in the industry.

We have a vast range of customers, from the home baker to global cereal producers, who all choose our spelt for its high quality and stable pricing. Traceability and provenance are also hugely important to our customers, particularly ingredients supplier companies. To be able to trace our spelt grain to a specific farm enables our customers to forward sell our products with complete peace of mind.

We’ve also got secure plans in place for the future. It is essential we are continuously ahead of demand in the ancient grain market.  With Brexit looming and pressure from imports we have taken a number of steps to future proof our business.  We have a large number of growers across the country,  this eleviates the risk of a poor harvest.  If one particular farmer has a bad season then we have a plentiful supply from our other contracted, assured growers to fulfil orders.  We have also heavily invested in equipment that not only allows us to produce the highest quality and purest grain but also enables instant scalability.

Our recent large scale investment in our biomass boilers enables us to utilise every aspect of our harvest in our ancient grain production. As soon as the wheat is harvested it is fed into the process dryer where the heat removes any dampness from the grain. This super sustainable method is the most economical, environmentally friendly and purest way to dry the harvest. The heat is generated by spelt husks (from the previous batch of de-hulled spelt) is fed into the biomass boilers to produce hot water to heat the dryer. Creating an 100% environmentally sustainable crop cycle with zero waste and environmental risk.

The wheat is then passed through our state-of-the-art Buhler de-huller to remove the husks and clean the grain ready for processing and dispatching for processing or direct to our customers.

As demand for ancient grain wheat continues to grow and with consumers increasingly looking for British provenance we are proud to be leading the way in supplying our customers with traceable, quality British ancient grain produce with BRC accreditations at a stable price. Something our imported counterparts are unable to match.




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