Our Grains

Grown, harvested, milled and stored exclusively in the UK.

An Alternative to Modern Wheat

We use Spelt, Rye, Emmer & Einkorn grains in our flours, which can add rich flavours & nutritional goodness to your bakes. We are based in the North East, with flours available to buy across the UK. We provide assured British ancient grain products to our customers, who seek the best, high-quality flour for their baking.

100% British…

It is very rare to find ancient grain flours that have been grown, harvested, milled and stored exclusively in the UK.

This is because ancient grains can be very difficult to grow, and even trickier to de-hull (remove the outer coating). As a result, there are very few growers in the UK.

Most often, ancient grains are imported via the EU, with little to no understanding as to where the wheat actually originated.

The Harvesting Process

At Craggs & Co, we are extremely proud to have the experience, knowledge, equipment and most importantly the passion to produce our high-quality ancient grains in the UK today. Every one of our grains can be traced back to an assured British farm. We do this to guarantee that our 100% British grains are of the highest quality they can possibly be.

Quality and traceability have always been absolutely essential to us at Craggs & Co. Even before the seeds are planted we work hard to ensure they have the best start in life! Here’s how we make sure our grains are of the finest quality, from seed to plate:  

Rain & Shine

We’ve cool westerly winds from the Pennines, moisture from the coastlines and well balanced rainfall and sunshine.

Mother Earth

Our soil is naturally rich in clay particles and lovingly ploughed to replenish nutrients with organic matter

Sowing the Seeds of Love

We strongly believe you reap what you sow. That’s why we only use the finest quality seeds.

Nurtured by Nature

Our crops are lovingly grown. We keep a very close eye on our crops to make sure they have everything they need.

The Wheat From the Chaff

We use state of the art gravity separation machinery to make sure only the finest grains make it into our flour.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The wind turbine produces electricity, our clean heat is from our biomass boilers which burn crop residues.

Full of Flavour

Ancient grains have their own little jacket call a husk. We leave its protective coat on right up until it is milled.

The Science Bit

Each batch of wheat is tested for moisture, protein, hagberg levels and bushel weight.

Not the Run of the Mill

We’ve worked hard to make sure our flour is milled to the ideal specification. Not too fine or coarse! Just perfect!

Keep on Truckin'

Our 9 trucks swiftly deliver our fabulous products all over the country, from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

The Happy Customer

Ease of ordering, great communication, fabulous products delivered on time makes happy customers.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Breads, cakes, muffins, tarts, pies, biscuits, crackers, waffles…let your culinary creative juices flow!