This year we celebrate the landmark Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Fetes, fairs, and street parties will be happening nationwide and of course this means baking!

The Monarchy have strong links to baking whether it be chocolate desserts, reportedly the Queen’s favourite, or sticky toffee pudding a favourite of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The people of Britain, and further afield, use their Royal events and celebrations to connect with each other by enjoying homemade food. Here we have rounded up a couple of our favourites created for the Royal Family:

Battenburg Cake:

Originally created to mark the marriage of Prince Louis of Battenburg marrying Princess Victoria, Queen Victoria’s granddaughter. This cake has chequered pink and yellow squares that are symbolic of the four Battenburg Princes. Almond flavoured and coated in marzipan this cake would be perfect to make with our nutty white spelt flour that would complement the flavours.

Victoria Sponge:

A British classic often seen in baking competitions and a staple of afternoon teas, this cake was created as an alternative to the fruit cakes usually offered. The sponge was said to be enjoyed so much by Queen Victoria, they named it after her! However, if a more traditional fruit cake is what you want a Brambrack or Bara Brith would be lovely as well.

If you prefer another option, scones are a classic that would be lovely with our Emmer flour. Offering health benefits for the heart and help with lowering cholesterol, these would be the ideal treat to enjoy the celebrations. Some delicious bread for some fitting coronation chicken sandwiches, created for the Queen’s coronation, to toast to Her Majesty’s long reign.