What are ancient grains?

Unlike modern wheat, ancient grains have largely remained unchanged for several hundreds of years.  Modern wheat has been hybridised over the years to produce shorter or dwarf wheat varieties which are easy to grow and yield higher.  The problem with these modern wheats are that the gluten levels have increased dramatically and the nutritional values have depleted.  Ancient grains have soared in popularity with artisan bakers and restaurants due to their delicious flavour and nutritional values.  Consumers are also becoming increasingly savvy with regards to the food they buy and the associated health benefits.

 Ancient grains can be very tricky grain to grow and an even trickier grain to de-hull (Remove their outer coating to reveal the lovely wheat grain inside). Because of this there are very few growers of ancient grain wheat in the UK. Craggs & Co have the experience, the knowledge, the equipment and most importantly the passion to produce the finest ancient grains in the UK today.

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