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Craggs & Co are farmers! We’re not bakers or chefs or restaurant owners or food production companies. We stick to what we do best - we are blooming good farmers that want to provide you with the finest quality spelt flour to help you do what you do best!

Why you should buy from Craggs & Co

  • Award winning wheat growers
  • Over 70 years farming experience
  • Red Tractor Assured
  • TASCC Assured
  • Delivered direct from our farms (no middle man or merchant)
  • Friendly and efficient
  • Competitive prices

Benefits to your business by using our spelt flour

  • Healthy profit margin as our prices are competitive
  • Fantastically tasty
  • Huge health benefits associated with eating spelt wheat
  • 100% British
  • Supporting British farmers


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We’d love to hear from you - our friendly Help Team are on hand to deal with any questions and orders you may have.

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