The only way to find out why our ancient grain flour is causing such a stir in the bakery world is to try it for yourself.  They can be purchased in either 1kg, 16kg and 20kg bags to suit your needs.

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  • British Spelt Flakes - 20kg


    Each spelt flake is made from an individual grain of our 100% British spelt which is then steam cooked, toasted and rolled.Spelt flakes are a versatile option to increase fibre, protein and nutrients into your diet.  They can be eaten as a breakfast cereal, made into porridge, used to add some extra nutrition to your muesli mix, for baking as a bread topping, in salads or to top the perfect fruit crumble

    100% British spelt. Contains gluten.

    Our spelt flakes are high in fibre and a great source of protein.

    Place of origin
    Lovingly grown, harvested and produced in the beautiful North East England

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