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Why have so many new customers chosen Craggs & Co?

Why have so many new customers chosen Craggs & Co?

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Here at Craggs & Co things have never been so busy!  We are delighted to have already welcomed a whole host of new customers in 2020 and we are very much looking forward to supplying them with the finest quality ancient grain products.

It’s fair to say our new customer base is varied! We have welcomed new ingredients suppliers, mills, artisan bakers, cereal producers, pet food manufactures, health food stores, food halls, breweries and distilleries! So we decided to have a little chat with our new customers to find out exactly why they chose Craggs & Co…..and this is what we found out!

Digestive health / gut health / clean eating 

Consumers are increasing demanding healthier ingredients, snacks, ready meals and baked goods. Over recent years ancient grains have exploded onto shelves and menus and are now common place within most households. This is exactly the feedback our customers gave us which ties in with data from Mintel, Attitudes to Healthy Eating Feb 2019 which states 43% of UK adults would like their diet to support digestive health.

Healthy eating associated with high protein and fibre content 

It also became apparent that healthy eating is massively high on consumers agenda and is continuing to increase. With government initiatives, such as Change 4 Life, social media health influences, such as Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Mark Hyman and celebrity chef cookery books and programmes it has never been easier for consumers to educate themselves on their mind, body and soul and how diet has a huge impact on all 3! Many supermarket brands are including ancient grains within their recipes due to their high fibre and protein content and in connection with healthy eating lifestyles. Again, there are the statistics to back this up. According to UK response Global Monitor Survey, 3 in 5 UK adults are actively taking steps to improve their overall health. This is another factor why our new customers have found their way to us!

Buying British  

It has been impossible to watch TV, listen to the radio or scroll through social media without being bombarded by Brexit.  Combining Brexit with consumers being increasing conscious of food miles and Co2 emissions many customers came to us because we only supply British ancient grain products which are grown, harvested, processed (milled, pearled, flaked etc) right here in the UK. With companies like Quorn recently announcing it will start printing the food miles / Co2 emissions on their packaging it will be interesting to see if this is the way major brands are heading? According to IGD Retailer & Shopper Trends 45% of UK Adults believe it will be even more important to buy British after Brexit.

Listening to the feedback from our customers it was easy to understand why they have chosen Craggs & Co. We are the largest UK grower and producer of ancient grains and ancient grain products. Our infrastructure has been developed for large scale production enabling us to supply spelt grain and products at a competitive and stable price. All our products are 100% British. The grain is grown and harvested on our 2200-acre estate or by one of our carefully selected assured growers across the country. We are also very proud of our sustainable farming methods. Our wind turbines and bio-mass burners produce all of the energy on the farm enabling us to produce a 100% crop cycle with zero waste.

So whether you are a miller looking for British grain, a chain of bakeries looking for quality British flour, an ingredients buyer looking for quality British ingredients at a stable price, a cereal manufacturer looking for British spelt flakes to improve taste, protein and fibre content, a brewery / distillery looking for an alternative ingredient to help you stand out in a crowded market or a wholesaler, food hall, health food shop or deli looking to stock quality British flour to the increasing home baking market then we’d love to hear from you!




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