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Making tracks

Making tracks

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Everyone knows that farming is a high-risk industry. As a business it is essential that we are always prepared for the unexpected! Most of the risks associated with farming can be dramatically reduced if you have the right processes, machinery, infrastructure and staff in place.  For example, we reduce the risk of machinery failure by investing in top quality equipment and then diligently maintaining it, we reduce the risk of workforce injury by ensuring all staff are thoroughly trained and follow strict procedures and we eliminate the risk of poor harvest by partnering with carefully selected, assured growers across the whole of the UK, so if there is a poor harvest in Scotland it is likely our southern growers will still have a great harvest, and vice versa!

However, there is one thing that is completely out of our hands and uncontrollable.  The marvellous British weather! The weather has been brutal for farmers across the UK, the torrential rain late summer severely hampered harvest time and since then the mild temperatures and wet weather has made it virtually impossible to drill the next seasons crop.

But there is one thing we can control about the situation…….and that is our attitude towards it! It would be very easy to sit and wait, praying for the weather to change in the hope that it dries up enough to drive machinery onto the fields OR you spend the time wisely, researching how you can change the situation for the better and that is exactly what we have done!  After a lot of time and energy invested in researching, fitting and experimenting with new equipment we are delighted to be putting this fine piece of machinery through its paces.

By investing in these Soucy tracks, it has allowed us to drive our 17ton Fendt tractor onto the land without sinking and getting stuck!!  These cleverly designed tracks optimize ground surface area, even in rough conditions. The tractor can then distribute power to the ground much more effectively giving it much better traction.

There are also other benefits to the fantastic Soucy tracks:

  • The rubber tracks minimize soil compaction by considerably reducing the pressure the vehicle exerts on the ground. Reducing soil compaction has been shown to improve crop yield because more air and water reach the soil.
  • The tracks consume less fuel than traditional wheels. On very dry, hard soil, they result in fuel savings of almost 4% compared to tires. In wet, muddy soil, where the tracks are most effective, this percentage increases exponentially.
  • Unlike wheels, Soucy track systems, with their vast ground surface area, provide uniform irrigation and protect rows and crops.

As you know we do love a challenge here at Craggs & Co and we’ve certainly risen to more than a few this season! But, come on, just a little bit of fortuitous weather would certainly be a welcomed break!



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